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Your 5 Fundamentals in Nutrition Made Simple

Your 5 Fundamentals in Nutrition Made Simple

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 5 Fundamentals in Nutrition Made Simple 

5 eBooks to increase your knowledge.

There is an overwhelming amount of nutrition information and advice available at the touch of a button. So I have created 5 Hacks to help you understand nutritional fundamentals and tips on how to maintain changes long term.


We are all different, different body compositions, different energy needs, different training demands, different goals, different states of health, so we need to remember that the nutrition strategies we use have to suit us as individuals.


This is why optimising your Knowledge  requires time and patience!


In this Series you will receive 5 eBooks to help give you tips and hacks to make eating healthy and sustaining a healthy weight SIMPLE


 MACROS Made Simple

As you embark on this journey of nutritional understanding, this quick start guide  breaks down all you need to know in the world of MACROS.

In this 6-page article you will get to know these essential nutrients. Learn about them, embrace their benefits, and see the positive changes in your well-being.

Dive into this quick-start guide.



 Transform Your snacking Habits ;

In this step-by-step guide and my behaviour change checklist, we'll explore some simple tips and

strategies to help you satisfy your cravings without going overboard. Plus, make snacking easy with my trail mix generator ideas!


 7 Hacks for effortless Meal Planning

Are you tired of stressing over meal planning and spending too much time in the kitchen?

What if I told you there's a better way?

I have some game-changing hacks to make meal planning a breeze and save you tons of time in the kitchen.

With my 7 ingenious meal planning hacks, you'll master your meals like a pro, and your kitchen will become your happy place — I’ve also included my 10-point checklist to make things even easier for you!


  How to build a perfect Meal


Knowing what to eat is only half the battle regarding healthy nutrition –

you also have to know how much to eat. Over time, food and drink

portions have increased in size. The more food served on the plate, the more food we consume, leading to overeating.

With this awareness and a guide to managing portion sizes, we can eat foods healthy and balanced, building a better relationship around what we put into our bodies.


 Healthy Vs Processed

The worse news is that higher consumption of ultra-processed food is associated with a 79% and 30% substantial risk of obesity and abdominal obesity, increasing the risk

factor for cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea, Type 2 diabetes, musculoskeletal conditions, and cancer.

Knowing what foods get grouped as ultra-processed can help us prioritize our focus for better nutrition and overall health.

Use this checklist to spot the difference between minimally processed, processed, and ultra-processed foods and discover a calming sense of understanding around food labelling


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