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2 Station Street Weston, Hunter Valley NSW

2 Station Street Weston, Hunter Valley NSWOur training programs and sessions are designed to help you achieve and maintain a happy, healthy, and smart life. Our programs create results forstarters and seasoned trainers looking to lose weight, gain muscle, tone up,or achieve ground-breaking results.
Depending on your need, we’ll customize a program that will help you stay physically active.You’ll get instant access to an experienced trainer who knows how to turn weaknesses into mastery. Depending on the duration, you’ll have uncut discussion sessions with your coach, see improvement opportunities as well as level up your skills.


ANPT Price List

We are so excited to work with you and see you reach your health and fitness goals. Our price list can be viewed by clicking on the button below. Feel free to contact our friendly team if you have any questions.

  • Kettlebell

    Kettlebell class is a mixture of compound movements as well as isolation exercise that target your total body. This class is designed for all levels.

  • Boxing

    This is a fun 30 min fast paced boxing class. All gloves and Inners are supplied for you. We target not just your upper body because it is boxing there is abs and lower body included as well.

  • HIIT

    This class changes every week we use a lot of functional movements throughout this class using a lot of different equipment ranging from Barbells to sandbags to slam balls. This ensures that you keep progressing in your fitness goals and don’t get bored!

  • Tabatta

    A total body workout done in intervals of 20 second work and 10 second rest. Exercises change every session. There are 6 exercises and are done 8 rounds of each being 4 min worth of work each. This is a great class to get a total body workout in just 24 mins.

  • Arms & Abs

    This is a 30 min class that is designed to strengthen your upper body and provide good core stability. This class is usually split into to halfs first half is endurance and ab work second half is strength work so lower reps higher weight.

  • TBT

    Stands for tummy butts and thighs. This class is deisgned to work on the lower body to help strengthen and tone from your waist down. We use a variety of equipment from bands to barbells and everything in between. This class is ran different every week from stations for time to a workout for rounds.

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Our Difference

Dedicated Trainers

Years of active service had made us understand that having dedicated support helps reach goals faster. You’ll be assigned to an experienced trainer who understands, at least have a feel, of your emotions and worries so you can keep up with your physical and mental fitness.

Boot Camps

Our large group training gives an upper-level advantage. Apart from receiving direction from a trainer, you’ll learn from others’ stories, experiences, and how they are improving through our high-performance programs.
Also, our boot camp programs combine cardio, strength training, free weights, and sports conditioning that’ll make you reach your desired goal, faster.

Pregnant Mums

If you’re looking to keep up with your pre and post-natal training or exercise regime? We have programs that are designed for pregnant moms that can help you master your body changes and how to remain safe without compromising on your fitness regime.

Custom Programs

Taking one of Ashleigh programs will produce results due to the coaching methodology offered by a competent trainer that you’ll be assigned to. Either you are battling with depression or have self-doubt about your true potentials, perhaps rendering all your motivation effort useless, we have several ready-made programs that will further be tailored so you can perform on a high zone.
Ashleigh had first-hand experience with depression but was able to reclaim her true power and potentials.
Through her involvement in different health and wellness organization as well as AshleighNewBurn, she works with like-minded persons, collectively now working as a team. Our group of trainers consists of result-oriented individuals who see the positive side of every person trying to achieve fitness as well as a healthy and happy life.

Exceptional Training Style

Our training approach and coaching methodology will help you forget your weaknesses, concentrate on what you’re learning, get the needed motivation and eventually create the difference you desired not only in your physical appearance but mental and emotional lives.

Personalised Programs for Each Need

We’ve been able to crack the code of effective training through our years of experience. We understand that preferences, personalities, and weaknesses vary with individuals, so we provide our services according to your needs.

Achieve Results

To create the difference you want in your physical, mental, and emotional life regardless of your personality, needs, or weaknesses, we encourage you to browse through, learn more about us and select a perfect program.

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