Before & After


Sophie started training with ANPT 4 years ago just in the hope to feel better her words were “I don’t ever think I will get back to pre-baby weight but I will be happy with 5kg”.

4 years later Sophie trains 4 times a week with goals beyond the scales and has achieved pre-babyweight and gained strength that she has never had before.

Sophie has done a few Challenges with ANPT to kick start her journey with nutrition programs and developing a sustainable routine that we have now been able to keep committed to over 4 years.


Britt C

Britt Started her journey after her second bub, she wanted to get rid of the “mum bod” & regain her confidence within herself.

Since training with ANPT I have gained more confidence and believing in myself and that I am capable of anything I put my mind to. Ash has taught me that consistency is the key to any results. ANPT has given me a comfortable environment and the trainers always push me and motivates meto keep improving on my goals for myself.

How often do I train?

3 Times a week with ANPT

Britts advice

“It starts with you, it can be tough and it isn’t easy but doing it for yourself there isnothing more satisfying. Don’t wait another Day“


Monique Fisher

Monique Started training with ANPT in 2020 and unfortunately gave up and in August 2022 startedher journey again with a new spark of motivation.

Her words were “my body image made me feel depressed and full of anxiety, I turned to bingeeating in secret to help dealwith my feelings”.

Since being with ANPT I have lost almost 20kg my everyday tasks have become so much easier. Ihave tried weight loss before multiple times. ANPT has been the best for me as it keeps memotivated, tailors exercises & nutrition programs to my needs tracks my progress “calls my bullshitwhen needed”. If there is ever anything I struggle with the environment is friendly enough to not beafraid to ask.

Monique’s Advice

“You’ll never know what you’ll achieve if you don’t try. Self-doubt isa killer,overcome it and your life will change for the better”



Lyv started training with ANPT 2 years ago.

"My turning point was I struggled to walk upstairs and avoided bending over as much as I could. This frustrated me as I am only young and already struggled with simple tasks. My goal was to just move more and be a bit happier with myself and my life. My life now is so different just by starting I now train 3 to 4 times per week and do triathlons when Ican. Prior I lived a very sedentary lifestyle. Since training with ANPT I can now run 6km without stopping and enjoying the movements like push ups that I would never have even thought twice about doing before.

Having a Personal trainer has given me that ability to push harder for 1 or 2 more reps then I think I could as I would happily let myself down but having someone else watching I don’t like letting themdown. "

Biggest Compliment Lyv has received since starting “you are looking well” this means a lot to mebecause I am feeling well.


Hope Green

Hope started training with ANPT 10 months ago. She only wanted to get some strength for the upcoming raw Challenge.

Hope has intentions of losing weight but wasn’t 100% driven to as her confidence in what she couldachieve wasn’t there.

Since starting at ANPT I have gotten more knowledge of what I can do and just how much I am capable of.

I have lost almost 8kg and 13cm off my waist I have the confidence that I can do it. Having the accountability of a trainer at ANPT helps me track my progress set realistic goals and also motivates me to do more than I ever thought I could.

Hopes advice

“Just do it, what do you have to lose



Ash started training with ANPT over 5 months ago.

My turning point was none of my clothes fit and my scales showed me numbers I’d never seen in mylife. Prior to joining ANPT I had an unhealthy relationship with food. Excuses for eating how I did. Mylife now I eat better and I have found a love for training that I never thought was possible.

Since being at ANPT I have gained confidence, nutritional knowledge & that eating well doesn’t haveto be boring or what you see onsocial media. I have also come to learn that training can be part ofyour daily life and be enjoyed.

I train 5 days a week. It has improved my life mentally, physically and so much more with being over5kg down and body composition has changed forever.

Honestly with ANPT I don’t think I could have achieved this on my own. ANPT pushes me and givenme tough love when I need it & explaining the “WHYS” when I need to understand it more.

Ash’s Advice

“I went from never stepping into the gym or lifting weights in my life to going to thegym having an understanding of a balanced healthy lifestyle & not to mention being able to Deadliftmy body weight. Don’t think anything Is impossible until you try “