Our Team


I have been in the fitness industry for 14 years. Throughout this time I have undergone a variety of relevant short courses to assist with my role to the best of my ability and to be skilled in areas including nutrition through to gymnastics.

From this experience, I became aware of understanding how to achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle. This brings me to where I am today.

Throughout my life I have struggled myself with depression, this is where exercise helped me to get out of the dark place and beable to manage my illness with a healthylife style. After having such a uplifting experience from being active I then decided Iwould love to pass on my knowledge and awareness of how to live and lead a healthy lifestyle

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As a trainer I also think it is important to practice what you preach. This is where I feel inlove with my sport as a Fitness Model. Over the years my focus changed to CrossFit and discovering just how much the body was capable of and also dipping a bit into the powerlifting as well.

I love the discipline I need in nutrition and Training to get the physique I desire. All my life I have been very active from Swimming Club to dancing for a period of 10 years to Soccer to Netball.

As my life has changed in from having my first child and then my second I have also found the importance of self love, self care and the importance exercise and nutrition plays a huge role in this.

As I have been in the industry for around 14years I have seen it and I have done Itmyself get onto a cycleof chasing a number on the scale for happiness.

Rewarding our self with food and sabotaging our selves with over training. At ANPT we believe in a supportive environment and encouraging one another to be ourselves and to find happiness and love for the body we have.

We have trained over 5 ladies through their pregnancy’s as well as post partum, we have created four walls where you can be safe, have fun and smash goals with amazing support.


  • Cert III in Fitness
  • Cert III in Nutrition andDeictic Assistance
  • Advanced Bosu Ball Instructor
  • Certificate in Body Building Preparation
  • Cert IV in Business and Marketing
  • Seniors First Aid
  • Level 1 & 2 Kettle Bell Certificate
  • Battle Rope Coach Certified
  • Master Functional Trainer
  • Cert IV in Fitness
  • Level 1 Crossfit Instructor
  • Level One Thump Boxing
  • Level One In women Artistic Gymnastics
  • Certificate in Pre-and Post-Natal Exercise
  • Les Mills Body Combat Qualified
  • Advanced First Aid
  • Powerbags Certified
  • Mobility Coach
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach


Hi, I’m Crystal one of the trainers at ANPT.

Prior to the fitness industry I have a background of Beauty Therapy and massage.

I am client result driven and through creative programming, I provide clients with an accessible and achievable path to better both their physical and mental health.

I’m passionate about motivating and inspiring people to push their boundaries and not only that help them realize this isn’t a lonely path-We are in it together. This journey is a lifestyle rather than a chore or 2 week phase.

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My Journey

When I first began my journey I was anything but the picture of health. I was very overweight, unhealthy and I realized it was because of eating fast food and addicted to coke and red bulls! I decided to do something about it. I did, however, have multiple ups and downs. I’ve tried nearly ever fad diet, craze there is and It has taken me many rollercoaster rides to get where I am today.

I love sharing my knowledge and every true and raw experience I have had on this journey. Nothing is easy and comes without challenges, but that is what we are here for!

This has made me this biggest believer that slow and steady wins the race!

Anything and everything Strength and skill based I am obsessed with.I love a good challenge!


  • Certificate III fitness
  • Certificate IV fitness
  • Diploma Beauty Therapy


I am new to the fitness industry; I have a background in hospitality management and disability employment services. I have always had a hands-on approach when it has come to work, and my training style is no different. I am a strong believer in finding the perfect balance between setting achievable and realistic goals while still pushing yourself and seeing what you really are capable of.

I have had quite a lot of lived experience and understand that these effect people’s abilities to engage in exercise or can prevent people from reaching out, my ultimate goal is to help people breakdown these barriers and find a way to incorporate fitness into their everyday life, fitness isn’t a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle!

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My Journey

When I first started, I was struggling with my mental health and incredibly insecure, I have had ups and downs in my journey and learnt so much along the way. I have found empowerment through exercise and use it as an opportunity to feel in control and like I own my body. I want to be able to help people feel that and to have the ability to switch off from other stresses and focus on doing something for them. Being self-driven isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone, and we all need that extra push and support sometime. I will be that person in your corner backing you!

I love challenging myself and others, whether its testing my strength and endurance or fine tuning my skills. I am in constant competition with myself and will push myself to be better than I was and to achieve goals I have set for myself. I love healthy competitions and will push others to reach their full potential. It’s a rare sighting me not having my number one supporter and son in the gym with me, but truly think its so important for kids to grow up seeing the benefits of exercise on all aspects of health.


  • Cert III–retail management
  • Cert IV–employment services
  • Cert III–Fitness
  • Cert IV–Fitness
  • Pipeline: cert IV nutrition 23/24