Online Programs

Online Programming

Struggling with knowing what you should be doing in the gym?

No accountability to do the things you know you should?

Our weekly personalised program tailored to help you meet your goals done on an easy to use app BTWB all for only $22 per week.


Online 6 Week
Nutrition Program

This 6-week nutrition program provides you with an initial consultation with your goals outline and set. A nutritional meal plan is created for yourself in which you are heavily involved in the creation to ensure it is what you are wanting and meets your needs and tastes.


Online 6 Week
Fitness Program

This Online 6-week program is a program that you can do at your own gym, or home.
It can be basically completed anywhere in the world with the addition of you being held accountable with weekly check-ins and advice on your results.


Benefits for You

  • Super Flexible

    Easy to get started straight away with flexible meeting times and still get to work closely with an exercise professional.

  • Continue to Progress

    We keep you progressing in your workouts. Not only do ustrainers help you stay accountable and motivated, they help keep you on a path towards growth. Don’t get stuck in a stalemate where you’re either not losing the weight you want, or you’re not gaining the muscles you want.

  • Stay Motivated

    More Accountability and Motivation - one of the reasons we say you should always hire
    a personal trainer is so you have someone you’re accountable for, and to help motivate you through those workouts. By working out with an online trainer they’ll push you to do exercises you need to in order to reach your goals. Whereas when you’re working out alone you may go easy on yourself and do the
    same, non-effective workout over and over again.