Online Programming

Online Programming

Struggling with knowing what you should be doing in the gym?

No accountability to do the things you know you should?

Our weekly personalised program tailored to help you meet your goals done on an easy to use app BTWB all for only $22 per week

All results from workouts are easily entered and are checked weekly to ensure you stay on track and ant changes to workouts or weights prescribed are made to keep you moving forward.

This program you can do at home, at your current gym or even come use the OPEN GYM time slots at ANPT.
Versatile interactive software that allows both coach and participant to communicate remotely for the benefit of YOUR GOALS.


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    What made you do the 6 week Nutrition program?

    Holding myself accountable for eating, and doing at least 10,000 steps everyday.

    What did you learn?

    I learnt that food fuels our body, and a better understanding of how to prepare meals.

    Are you happy with your progress?

    Definitely very happy with the process now to keep doing it
    and pushing harder.

    Do you recommend it for others?

    Yes I definitely would recommend Ashleigh over and over again.

    Do you think it is worth the money? 

    100% worth it

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    I chose ANPT for programming for a
    few reasons. I have worked with Ash before. I know her knowledge of health and wellness is extensive but also her caring nature and true belief in helping people shines through. You aren't just a pay cheque for her you are a person and your success is her success.

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    I really enjoy the app. It’s very
    easy to use. And I like the flexibility to do the workouts when I have a spare
    moment. I like that the workouts are tailored to meet my needs.